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Global Managed Services

ESCO Provides Global Services For Total Care

Committed to deliver excellent services in every audio visual project for full customer satisfaction, ESCO provides both professional team and a broad range of services anytime and anywhere you need us. Here at ESCO, we fully understand that your audio visual system is also your investment. For that reason, we will always ensure reliable support and quality services from the beginning of the project to the end. Our team strive to provide global services for total care through best selection of audio visual products, high quality installation, and most importantly, comprehensive maintenance and training program. During 26 years, we have built mutual trust and good relationship with both major audio visual manufacturers and customers around the world because we care, we promise and we deliver. Our excellent works and services has proven fruitful with no less than fifty six international awards and accolades from business partner affiliations and global industry certification services.

ESCO Care program begins at the moment you call us for help with you audio visual system, be it new installation or simply adding some audio visual equipments. Here at ESCO, we look to build with excellence. As such, you can feel rest assured that your audio visual systems will be handled with total care. All you need to do is make a call, share your plan for the audio visual systems, and leave the rest of it to us. In order to meet your requirements, we usually start with need analysis and site survey. After all, it is essential for both customers and our professional AV experts to share the same idea about the project before going any further. ESCO global services extends from installation and testing, maintenance programs, and in-house training. We works to give our best in all the three stages to protect your systems as well as your investment.

Installation and Testing

As one of the leading audio visual company in the world, ESCO is backed up with the necessary expertise and manpower to make your dream audio visual rooms come true - every time. Therefore, our projects never miss a clue to deliver your ideal audio visual systems. Our team usually will attend to your needs in five different level of global services on installation and testing stage. In the preliminary analysis, we begin with casual but fruitful talk with customers to find out their needs and expectations regarding the audio visual system. It covers basic concept of the audio visual system such as design of the room, space availability, scenario usage, and finally budget for the project. After addressing the need, it's time to get down to some design plan and project engineering. The project basically belongs to customers so we let them decide what kind of audio visual equipments and setup they would like for the room. Of course we will also come up with our own proposal based on the identified needs if our customers wishes. Once the design plan is submitted, customers can review, make changes or modification where necessary until it fits their needs perfectly. Often, we may work closely with interior designer teams to ensure overall aesthetic quality. Should there is any changes after the final design plan is settled, customers can feel free to let us because here with ESCO we deliver not only excellence but also flexibility to show our total care for customers. Engineering and conceptualization process then will continue with delivery of audio visual components needed to build your audio visual systems. Customers can easily choose from the broad range of audio visual solutions we offered from major AV manufacturers.

Next in the line is the implementation, installation, and testing. To ensure quality installation, our team and project manager will closely monitor the implementation based on the agreed work schedule. In most case, it took around one to two months for finishing a project but again it will vary greatly depending on external factors such as design customization and the condition of the room. After the hardware installation is finished including the corresponding components such as cabling system and switcher, we will proceed with software installation and programming. In some audio visual setup, customers will be the one to define what kind of programming they will be needing in real-world scenarios. That aside, we will also assist customers through final testing process to ensure their audio visual systems works without hitch and consistent user experience later. Finally, at the end of the project , there will be a comprehensive handover from our team to customers which covers all the project documentation as well as some references on their audio visual systems such as design plan, CAD shop drawing, and TNC reports.

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance is an extension of ESCO global services which seek to provide customer with total care around the clock. Our maintenance services is available through various channels with guaranteed responses within 24 hours. In case of any urgent matters, we will also be at your services after office hours as well as on-site supports. Our programs ranging from preventive maintenance visits to attend to regular maintenance tasks such as hardware checkup, component cleaning, calibration, or software upgrade to remedial maintenance which may include thoroughr repair or component replacement. In case of any damaged AV systems, we also provide loan of equipment for free so that customers can continue to do their routines. In short, we always put forward our customer satisfaction above anything else to show them our total care. If you asked us, our maintenance program is also another way to protect your investment. With healthy and robust systems, you can get systems to perform at its peak while also minimizing any fatal damage and downtime.

In-house Training

The last part of our ESCO Care program of global services is the in-house training which is especially aimed to help customers make the most of their audio visual systems. The in-house training typically covers both technical knowledge and skills so customers can do basic operation to thorough troubleshooting. The training itself will consist of three different levels for end users, system administrator, and technical maintenance based on the knowledge and skills covered.

All in all, here at ESCO we always believe that customers satisfaction come first and thus global services with total care is a must and integral to what we can offer to our customers.