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“Zoom Is Absolutely Crucial”: How F5 Is Overhauling Their Communications Culture With Zoom

Established in 1996 as one of the first technology companies to offer load-balancing hardware, F5 has been at the forefront of innovation since the very beginning. As the company has grown over the past 20 years they have steadily expanded their catalog of products and services to include application and infrastructure security, cloud management services, and much more, allowing tens of thousands of customers across the globe to securely and efficiently access data that is crucial to their daily operations. 

As F5 prepared to open its new office in Seattle, the F5 Tower, the need for a standardized, reliable video communications platform became clear. Its teams across the globe were using four different video conferencing solutions, which made it difficult for employees, customers, and vendors to know which application to use at which time. F5’s teams also experienced issues with the stability and reliability of their video conferencing solutions, and without an intuitive, easy to use interface, they found it difficult to maintain efficient, effective communication. 

In their search for a reliable, easy to use communications platform, the teams at F5 turned to Zoom and immediately took note of the improved performance.

“We started with a pilot of about 100 users,” said Brett Durnell, F5’s manager of unified communications. “By the time the pilot was over, we had over 400 Zoom users. When the ball got rolling, it just grew and grew.”

Zoom has played an integral role in shifting the communications culture of F5 to a video-first culture. F5 has deployed 450 Zoom Rooms spread across its global offices, and the ease and efficiency of Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform have made video the communications method of choice. 

“We’re opening new offices and we’re installing Zoom technology in those offices,” said Steve McMillan, F5’s Executive Vice President of Global Services. “But we’re really driving through a cultural change where we interact through video. We find that it enables us to work much better from a global perspective. Having that video element of the communication is really powerful.”

But Zoom isn’t just driving a change in F5’s communications culture, it’s also changing the way that the teams at F5 interact with their customers. With the ability to collaborate and give detailed feedback in real-time, employees at F5 are providing customers a deeper, more robust customer service experience. 

“We have stand-up scrum rooms through our new facilities now,” McMillan said. “Teams of F5’ers can interact with customers in a really innovative way. We really see that as driving the next level of customer satisfaction for us.”

With a communications platform that allows for real-time collaboration and a frictionless user experience, F5 is able to better serve both their customers and their employees and drive deeper engagement between them.

“This product has solved a career-long problem for me,” said Tony Bozzuti, F5’s senior vice president of IT and chief information officer. “Zoom is an absolute critical technology for us.”

Source : blog.zoom.us